The problem of plagiarism is a major issue and a matter of concern in the scientific world. Naturally it is impossible to write a research paper without using additional material but every respected author should know how to use it properly, how to take someone’s thoughts and correctly reflect them in his own work with […]

What area of research do your journals cover? SciPress publishes high-quality research from all areas of the theoretical and applied physical sciences, engineering, earth sciences, pure and applied mathematics, social sciences and humanities. Are your journals open access? SciPress is committed to the Open Access model of publishing. This ensures free web access to the […]

SciPress is a multidisciplinary Swiss academic publisher with 9 Open Access journals. We’re sure our authors like us (because they submit their papers over & over again for 3 to 4 years now). To check our science appeal worldwide, we deep dive in social networks and in 2016 we’re launching accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, […]