It is quite common practice in the scientific world when an author refers to the previous works written by him alone or in co-authorship and cites them, and the cited fragments can be quite large. This is called self-citation. On one hand, this approach is quite reasonable as not all the readers are familiar with […]

Citation is not only an essential aspect of a scientific paper but also a major part of the communication process in the scientific community. Citation also indicates maturity and integrity of the scientific message and characterizes its author. In this regard it is vital to follow the rules of citation in academic papers, monographs and […]

According to conventional concept of a scientific paper visibility, an author relies most of on the chosen journal’s ranking in international indexing databases. Thus after very careful selection and peer reviewing by a journal’s editors, the paper itself becomes a part and parcel of the chosen journal’s archives, which presumably guarantees each individual paper’s universal […]

The modern scientific world is enormous and actively growing, the number of research papers is rapidly and constantly getting bigger. For each scientist there is an actual task – how to not get lost here. In other words – how to identify the piece of intellectual property in online environment, to save and transfer its […]

The first thing to remember: an abstract is a brief description of a research article, not a retelling. It is typically a short summary of the completed research. The main purpose of an abstract is to provide insight into a research project. It should give a clear explanation of the subject, attract readers’ attention and […]