Academic writing might be a challenge because you must spend much time for research, reading, reviewing papers and organizing citations. If you start writing an academic paper and don’t determine what software to use, start with the simplest and widely spread. Last week we wrote about some apps and tools which can help you in […]

There are a lot of secrets, hints and recommendations how to write a successful research paper. But as a beginner you can face many difficulties. Here you can find six important tips for making the process of writing enjoyable and getting a proper research paper.

Today we would like to continue the topic from our previous post “Ways to Improve Scientific Writing for Non-Native English Speakers” and share a few useful resources for improving your English writing. Please remember, it is crucial to work on your writing every day, systematically improving your skills and knowledge. Let`s start with videos which are […]

Hello everyone! Hope you liked our last post “Words to avoid in academic writing”. Today we would like to discuss another topic that might be interesting and useful for you: How non-native English speakers can improve their scientific writing? Nowadays English has become a language of science and you should be proficient in it anyway. […]

Academic writing is a formal language and has to be written in a clear, well-structured way. Yet, too informal, unsophisticated expressions in singularity with bad grammar and incorrect words can distract from meaning, low the value of work and even turn reader away from the paper. In order to improve the clarity and conciseness of […]