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Managing Your Research Project

Hello everyone! Today we are going to touch upon the subject of managing your research project. How to conduct an effective work on your research project? How to manage your time during your scientific work? What are the first steps and what are the next? During your work on the research project, you have to […]

Useful Software Tools for Academic Writers

Academic writing might be a challenge because you must spend much time for research, reading, reviewing papers and organizing citations. If you start writing an academic paper and don’t determine what software to use, start with the simplest and widely spread. Last week we wrote about some apps and tools which can help you in […]

Words to Avoid in Academic Writing

Academic writing is a formal language and has to be written in a clear, well-structured way. Yet, too informal, unsophisticated expressions in singularity with bad grammar and incorrect words can distract from meaning, low the value of work and even turn reader away from the paper. In order to improve the clarity and conciseness of […]

Enhancing Scientific Work

Hello to everybody! Now we will speak about the framework of scientific investigation: Academic Writing. What should be done to compose it effectively? How to enjoy the process of writing? Abandon the difficulty. Just follow some main rules. Here are top 10 practical ideas how to enhance academic writing:

Fostering Your Published Paper

Everybody knows that the process of making a research report is usually quite long. You finished the report, approved it, then issued in the chosen magazine. And now? What are you going to do now? You have to fold your hands until the moment you see this paper published, wait for citing and co-authoring. Other […]

The Role of the Journal Editor

The purpose of the paper is to consider the principal issues and responsibilities of Journal Editor. One of the key role of a Journal Editor is to promote scholarship in the specialist field associated with the journal. For any journal the Editor will need to encourage new and established Authors to submit articles and set […]